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The members of OneLUG build the Lord of the Ring’s tower of Isengard in astonishing proportions. They have actually build the movie verion of the battle of the Last March of the Ents in minifig scale consisting of 23 Ents and 100+ Orcs.

The display is 2,5 meters in diameter. That’s 305 Lego studs and more than 2 meter tall (228 Lego bricks).
Brick count on this model is around the 22.000 and weighs 66 kg.
The tower itself is based on a lego building technique called SNOT (studs not on top), giving the building a smooth like surface and by which bringing out the details and distinct sculptural facade.

I am awestruck. This is a truly astonishing piece of work. Being fan of Lord of the Rings and especially this tower I can full-hearty sayOneLuc captured the building and the battle perfectly. I really love not only the details in the Tower, but also in the battle, like the Ent on fire, rushing to the water.

Check out their Flickr page and give them all the respect the deserve!

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