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Soon we have a Hulk.
If there’s one figure from the Hot Toys Avengers line I want, it’s the Hulk.

There’s much debate on whether he’ll have a rubber body or not.
According a recent interview by HK Figure Club with Howard Chan, Howard said Hulk is in progress, the body will not be fully rubber.
This still could mean the upper body and arms can be made of rubber.

Although looking fantastic, rubber has the tendency to fold ugly, ripple and tear with posing and wither over time. I would like my high-paying collectible to last longer than one year.
Time will tell.

Other highlights from the interview with Howard Chan are:
- Hot Toys will launch 7 or 8 characters from The Avengers.
   (let’s do a headcount: Allready announced or teased: 1; Nick Fury, 2; Hawkeye,
3; Captain America, 4; Thor, 5; Hulk.)

- Black Widow will have a new body and hair are sculpted.
   (Yeah! I also hope a better sculpt of Scarlett Johansson)
- Loki suit will be the one of The Avengers, the Thor Suit Version was canceled.
   ( I was hoping for a Avengers version, I liked the armor.
    His helmet is more agressive than the Thor movie version.)
- Captain America Golden Age Version is still scheduled.
- Tony Stark Race Suit Version and Whiplash Armor Version have been set aside because of an overloaded schedule.
- The X-Men First Class range is almost complete, it will be announced soon.
   (I’m curious about this line)
- The license Green Lantern was canceled.
   (Figures. The movie bombed)
- The licences of Iron Man 3, Superman Man Of Steel and Wolverine will be exploited.
- The next Star Wars figures should be Anakin and Han Solo,
followed by a character from Episode II.
- Rambo or Rocky should be a DX but are not yet in production.

Translation by Vendrell Htc from HK Figure Club interview.
Please, understand that is an approximate translation from chinese language.

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