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Lego Shop@Home in the US has some pretty cool promotional deals in March.
Firstly, US costumers get double VIP points for all purchases in-store and online March 1st-15th.
They’ll also get free shipping on orders of $75 or more from March 12th through 31st.
Finally, If they spend $35 on Star Wars LEGO US costumers receive a free poster and if they spend $50 on Star Wars, they’ll get 30% off the Imperial Royal Guard Magnet.

BUT! we got our own March promotional deals!
Spend €55  or more on Lego Star Wars and the FREE LEGO Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter™ will be automatically added to your bag!
Also, we’ll get DOUBLE VIP Points on all LEGO® purchases March 1-15!

How’s that for a promotion?

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