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Dave aka F2 astonished us with his amazingly build Docking bay 327, The Deathstar hangar from Star Wars.
Build as a ‘home’ for his UCS 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s at UCS scale and it’s massive.

This build is not only huge enough to hold the 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s also packed with staggering details.

Dave aka F2
also integrated about 67 LED lights to make it glow at nicely dark times.

Now for the juicy details:
The size of the hangar is 90cm x 100cm. That’s four 16×32 LEGO base plates and six 48×48 base plates. The height is at 36,5cm.
He used about 10,500 used bricks, worldwide ordered via Bricklink
55 white 10,000mcd, 10 red 8,000 MCD and SMD LEDs, and 2 white SMD LED
Total costs about € 1,000

Check out more photo’s and background details about this astonishing  MOC at Dave aka F2′s Moc Pages


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  1. Emmanuel Munet (url) 10 Jan 2016 om 18:51


    I recently purchased a Lego Millenium Falcon and I am gathering ideas on how to build a hangar for it. The MF that I have is based on The Force Awakens, but I would still like to build a display case for it given that it does not come with a stand. Do you still happen to have Dave aka F2′s information? I would like to reach out to ask a couple of questions.

    That display is really impressive and I find that building these things really drive my passion.


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