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It’s not al big MOCs I’m falling for.

I always liked TLC’s official X-wing (6212) and I am buying the new one (9493) coming out in 2012.
But there was always that feeling of that it could be better.

Enter Mike Psiaki. He made it better, far better! As in almost astonishing perfect iteration of the X-Wing Starfighter. I absolutely love this new X-wing MOC. It’s impressively accurate in size and proportion.
Psiaki’s MOC is full detail, from back to front. I love the landing gear.
But the thing I am most astonished about is the long wedge shape of the nose and the complexity of the build. I would love to have a hint how he tackled that complex shape…
Psiaki also has some older versions of the X-wing on his Flickr page. It’s nice to see a glimpse how he came to this latest version.
One thing’s sure I am going to steal be inspired by Psiaki’s design to have a perfect X-wing for myself.
All credits go to Mike Psiaki

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