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The main source for all of these collectibles are the movies.
So whenever I can or when I think it’s worthy I’ll give a review of the movie.
This year will be an exiting year for movie fans, especially fans of genre movies.

Please note the following release dates are for the Netherlands.
This April the 27th, Thor will kick-off a very promising movie season.
From what I’ve heard Thor will kick-ass in an epic way. I’m looking forward to this one. I already got tickets for the 27th.
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Next up, May 19, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will come ashore.
Somewhat disappointed of the last one. I hope this one will be a fresh start with an new cast and characters.
I must admit I’ll miss Keira Knightley. I don’t know if I’ll buy a ticket for this movie.
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X-men: First Class will open on june 2.
Again a fresh start, but no reboot, thank god. It will fall within the continuity of the previous films.
Offcourse there will be a lot of haters or continuity nitpickers about Emma Frost being a girl in X-men Origins Wolverine and a women in this film. In wolverine was never established she was Emma Frost, Just Emma. As long the feel, heart and experience is X-men, I dont’s care if they mix up characters from different era’s from the comics. As long if it’s story driven. I mean look at this trailer, how can you not get exited about These X-men.
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Source code will be in time on june 9,
I’ve heard some seriously good stories about this film. I don’t know if i’ll see it in the theaters, but i definitely want to see it
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Transformers The Dark of the Moon will rollout on june 30
Seriously let down by number two, I’ll hope number 3 will transform that. Still I’ll pass it in the cinema’s though.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will do magic in 14 july
Finally after years of Potter film there will be closure. As not having read the book and leaving part one with mixed feeling I’m am very curious about this one. Bring it on!
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Captain America arrives july 28.
I’m very exited about this one and hope it will not be campy. It will walk a fine line, But I’m confident the Captain will rock!
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Green Lantern will be saving the galaxy on august 4
I’m not really a DC fan. And the trailer for this movie hasn’t got me exited. But I like the premise. Would be this the first person going into hyperspace without a starship. We’ll see if this wil be a fun film. I’ll wait for the Blu-ray
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Cowboys & Aliens coming august 11
Well, cowboys and Aliens. ’nuff said
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Super 8 released on august, 18
I get a little E.T. vibe here, but more grim.
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Conan the Barbarian.
Finally this is almost upon us. Unfortunately, because of copyright issues we’ll never see Red Sonja enter Conan’s Cimmeria.
There’s not really a trailer yet, so you’ll have to do with this hilarious Conan, the musical.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, taking over somewhere in August.
I’ve already saw Weta’s test footage of the apes. It’s awesome. On that 5 second footage alone I want to see it. And the official trailer just hit the web.
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The Three Musketeers will fight again in October.
Being a fencer myself, this is a must see. Obvioulsy…
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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol‘s release date TBA, somewhere in December
Little information about the movie but JJ Abrams will direct, how can this be not a good movie?

So as we can see, there are a lot of promising movies coming out, and let’s not forget these:
The Thing, I think it cannot beat the original
YouTube Preview Image

Hanna, the new Leon (aka the proffesional)?
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Anyway, here are some more lists of the most Highly anticipated movies of 2011


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