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One of my favorite scenes in Iron Man 2 was the fight on the racetrack in which we first saw the suitcase armor. A nod to the comics wherein Tony Stark hides his Iron Man armor in a suitcase.
One of the fan favorite Iron Man armors featured in the films. The mark V is full of details. Much more than its previous versions. The mark V is supposed to be made of inter-lapsing layers as it’s decompressed from a suitcase size to an cover a human body. The colour scheme is attractive as the red works nice with the silver parts. It’s seems more sophisticated and less ‘hot rod’-like than the red-gold armors. It’s definitely more sleek.

At the time, while Hot Toys announced the Iron Man mark IV figure and soon after they announced the mark VI early 2010, they skipped the mark V. Lot of people where anxious if the mark V would be released or for some people is was just a matter ‘when’ does it gets released.
Then the first images started leaking mid 2010 and the official announcement was released soon after in december 2010. The prototype photo’s were incredible. The figure was a must have! Most sixth scale fans and Iron Man fans agreed over that.
Finally the mark V was released last november. Nearly a year after it was announced. I was exited. Yet, for the first time, I felt I was beginning to suffer from Iron Man fatigue as I mentioned in my first review of the mark VI. Hot Toys is just over saturating us with Iron Man figures. Recently Hot Toys announced the Iron Man secret project figure and Iron Man mark I v2.0. The Avengers Iron Man mark VII announcement will be soon upon us. And we still have Iron Man mark II Unleashed version and Iron Monger coming up. It’s really getting to much.
But now after a few weeks with the mark V in my posession, I can’t wait for the next Iron Man figure to be added into my collection.
On with the review. I finally got to review the mark V. Already in my possession since last november, this just as easy could be a retro-review.
Overall – ***1/2
of 4
Packaging – ***1/2
Sculpting – ****
Paint – ***1/2
Articulation – ***
Accessories – ***
Light-up  – ***1/2
Fun Factor – ***1/2
Value – **1/2

packaging – ***1/2
The package design is in style with the previous Iron Man 2 figures. Which is good, but hasn’t much improved upon. They are yet again visually striking. The box has a slip-over sleeve with the finishing metallic gloss. The design is pure simplicity and the figure is captured nicely on the frond and back the package. Unless in good light very visible due the glossy metallic look.
Under the slip-over sleeve is a dark red box with a lightgray banner wrapping around the box. It has a large die-cut window on the front showing the figure, the various hands and battle damaged parts. The production credits lists on the back of the box.
Again, the figure is held in a double layered vacuum formed tray with the mark V and it’s accessories on top. The display stands is in the lower tray.
Nothing new under the sun. But since it’s still better than most packages, I’ll stick with the same rating as I did for the Mark VI.

Sculpting – ****
Sadly this figure is without a head-sculpt of Robert Downey Jr. So there’s not much to talk about that. It’s sad, but considering the many head sculpts we already have of Robert Downey Jr. it’s not really a missed thing. The price should suggested otherwise though.
So we’ll continue with the suit.
Like I mentioned earlier, this armor unfolds itself from a suitcase.
To do that, the armor is made up small compressed fragments / slices / scales. When defragmented, each small part interlocks with another and thus enveloping a human being.
I recon this gave the team at Hot Toys some headaches trying to mix the design and look of the suit with the articulation.
This armor is tight and thinner than the former armors. It also doesn’t pack a lot of weapons, besides it’s own repulsor technology. It doesn’t have flight capability and airflaps. This armor is all about compatibility and a quick response unit. And it shows. The mark VI is very bulky compared to the sleek mark V.
With a little imagination you could see a human body inside the armor. But it would be a skinny person.
Having seen the movie recently, RDJ is a short skinny man. So it could be plausible.
The figure’s very slick, very streamlined.
The details are amazing. The whole figure has the look and feel of interlocking parts. Almost like mechanical scales. Every centimeter carefully sculped. At various points some of the under laying mechanics are showing. The level of detail is staggering.
I can’t even count the times I studied the figure up-close and keep finding new details. Everything on this figure is new.
I really like the division lines in the mask. I gives this figure that much more personality.
The mark V also comes with few battle damaged parts. A chest piece, a diaphragm and an arm. With exception of the diaphragm, the parts are pretty easy to swap. To swap the diaphragm you’ve got some tinkering to do. The damaged parts are stunning. The left arm is ripped open. It gives a hint how thin this armor really is and it shows some of Tony Starks under-laying race suit. The part I love the most is the chest piece. The damaged holes and tears reveals the mechanics underneath, giving a nice level of depth to the armor.
Personally I’ll like to pose him in mint condition without the battle damage. This figure is so much richer in it’s pristine condition. Although, sometimes it’s nice to see a cool item shred to parts.
Seriously, this suit’s the best sculpted Iron Man suit thus far. I was even thinking changing the ratings to a 5 star system, just to give this 5 stars.

Paint – ***1/2
Again, the paint-job is top notch. The overall glossy cherry-red is the same color as in the previous Iron Man figures. The red parts are very metal-like thanks to the paint. Diversion lines are really nice accentuated. at certain parts, mainly on the arms, a bit darker brush finished the look of the red parts. The gray parts match the red perfectly with tone and weight. However, the gray parts are just that, gray. I expected more of a chrome-like color. Or a more reflective  gray like I thought I’ve seen in the film.
Than again, maybe it would match the red or it would be to dominant. But right now, I feel the gray is a little too flat.
What’s really strikes me are the minute colored details. Nodes, small connections and certain inner wiring are finished with a silver touch, making it look like steel. Very nicely done.
The battle damaged parts are realistic and really look as if they took real scorched damage. I especially like the left arm. The weathering is more concentrated around the ripped parts. The paint is very constant. Even the scratches on different hands are the same.

Outfit – N/A
This figure doesn’t really have an outfit …unless you do count it an outfit, then the armor rocks non stop!
Articulation – ***
This type of armor also does not have a wide range of articulation as a standard True Type bodies from Hot Toys. Nevertheless, still a wide range of poses can be assumed.
Not really a novelty anymore, is the waist articulation. But seeing it work on this figure is something else. Hot Toys again has developed it a bit further as the waist has a bit more movement than the previous Iron Man armors.
The rest of the articulation is basically the same we had seen before. The mark V too has double jointed knees and elbows that go to about 90 degrees. Really cool to see the knees interlock. As with the last 4 Iron man figures, this figure too has fully articulated hands. Which I still find one of the most awesome features.
The head still can’t look up acutely, but is already a small improvement from the Mark VI.
I was happy to see the rubber elbows back on this figure. I missed them since the mark III.
They seem to have a more finishing touch than the exposed joints like the mark VI or IV has.
All in all the range of movement is actually pretty amazing considering the design and detailed sculpt of the suit.
Sadly, while swapping palms, the left hand popped right off. Not in a good way. The wrist just broke off, resulting the LED in the arm just dangling out it’s socket. I thought I was handling it gently enough. A bit frustrated I tried, even more gently, swapping the right hand. Again the wrist broke. Now I had a almost 200 euro high-end figure with two broken wrists. Luckily with a little glue and a steady hand I managed to fix both wrists. So now I’ll never gonna take of the articulated hands. I was very surprised the wrists broke so easily.
Because of this, I subtract a half star from otherwise a full score. I was about to subtract one more star. But I’ll give the benefit of the doubt It’s an incident only with my figure.
Accessories- ***

This figure doesn’t have lot’s and lot’s of accessories, but enough to make it complete.
The mark V has 6 interchangeable palms. One pair of articulated hands with light-up repulsors. One pair of fists, one battle damaged left open palm and one attle damaged left relaxed palm.
A mentioned earlier the mark V has additional battle damaged parts. A battle damaged left arm and battle damaged chest armor.

With this figure also came the suitcase from which it would unfold. A great accessory for you custom made Tony Stark figure. The suitcase has the same colours as the figure. Details are astonishing and colours very well done. The suitcase does come with handcuffs. The handcuffs a a bit brittle, but a welcome addition.
As always, the figure does come with a stand with nameplate and the movie logo.
In addition, the mark V comes with a square-shaped figure stand with LED light-up function. Cool if you want to create a hall of armor base.

Light Up Feature – ***1/2
In continuation set by the earlier releases, this figure too has light-up repulsor palms, chest and eyes. All the batteries come in place for the actual figure; you just need to pull out a small clear plastic dividers that protrude from the relevant sections. Then flick on the switches which are concealed in the lower arm for the hands, between the shoulders for the chest and the back of the neck for the eyes.
Once activated they all light up. The chest LED really is very bright, it’s actually blinding a you look straight in it. It’s three times a bright as the Mark III. I found the light up eyes a bit disappointing. At least compared to the Mark VI.
Unfortunately the figure still suffers a bit from the bleed of the light coming of from beneath the head, however minor. Also, the topside of the articulated hand doesn’t obscure the light from within the palm totally.
I like the square-shaped figure stand. The light-up function in this stand’s definitely a plus.

Hot Toys is really cranking their prices up with more an more figures crossing the €200 benchmark. This is a lot of money for an ‘action figure’. Any sane person would loose interest and walk away. These ‘action figures’ are hi-end collectibles and unfortunately these kinds of prices are increasingly common place.
When buying these Iron Man figures you are not only paying for a licence, but also for some sublime research and development. In this case the R&D has long proven itself.
Even though, this figure lacks a head sculpt of a famous actor, so with this figure being around the € 200, it’s actually a steep price tag for this figure.
Being out for a while now, the figure is still pretty easy to come by at retailers. So don’t expect for the price to go up soon.

Collectors and fans sometimes say they are not collecting toys or action figures. They say they are collecting art.
Well, art is unique and is getting more worth over time. These figures are mass produced and constantly improved and replaced with newer, better ones. Not an ideal situation for getting more worth over time, especially the the price being so high to begin with. However, you can’t say the same for some of these 12” figures for whom you really have to pay big buck at ebay.
On the other hand, art also has a visual value. In that case I definitely count this figure as a piece of art. The sculpt and details are amazing. The figure is shiny and slick.
Fun Factor – ***1/2
Here we have another sixth scale representation of an Iron Man suit, it has lots of details, it has eye candy and it poses well. The most fun is enjoying all those details.
Although the construction is robust enough for trying a range of poses, certainly I wouldn’t want my kid to get its hands on it. This figure is a toy to put on your shelf, you’ll have a lot of fun finding that most awesome pose!
Overall- ***1/2
Around € 200, this is a costly figure, even € 15 more than the Mark IV, with only a year passed. Still this is just such an awesome detailed figure. Hot Toys certainly outdone themselves, but they need too keep the price range in check. I my Iron Man fatigue worsens, I am not going to pay over the 200 for an Iron Man figure. In retrospect, this is my favorite Iron Man figure thus-far and actually made me hunger for more.
Where to buy

Sideshow has him available for pre-order at the RRP of $209,99.
I pre-orderd at HammersCollectibles for €197,50
Acmetrendz – in stock for €269.90
Moviestore – in stock for €195
TwilightZone  – in stock for €179
Gator – in stock for €199
Or you can try eBay where prices seem to be between €189 to 266, Still a lot selling from within the European Union for reasonable prices.


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  1. howard (url) 07 May 2013 om 19:50

    can I ask you ,how did you fix it up? (the two broken wrist)


    I face to the same problem now >”< sadly..


  2. Reapah (url) 19 May 2013 om 2:33

    Same thing with the hand happened to me, but only on the right side

  3. MarvelousRoland (url) 18 Jul 2013 om 21:08

    Well nothing a quick glue fix couldn’t help ;-)

  4. MarvelousRoland (url) 18 Jul 2013 om 21:09

    I really carefully glue it back together. But It’s a shame such an expensive collectible would have this fault…

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