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Hot Toys’ first in the line of the new Marvel Studio’s movie Thor.
Other than Thor himself and Odin, Hot Toys made no further announcements for other figures in the line. It’s getting tough to find Thor, so if you see him somewhere, I suggest buy him and you won’t be disappointed.
As for Thor’s dad, Odin the All father, is still widely available. However cool that figures is, I didn’t pre-order him. Money is a factor but also the focus of my collection. Loki I would buy. Or Lady Sif and maybe the warriors Three. But alas, we have to do with farther and son.

If the line gets popular and maybe after the Avengers movie next year and a sequel, I hope more figures will be released. I have no doubt in that, because if frontrunner Hot Toys Thor is any indication, this line wil be astonishing. See my ratings:
Overall – ***1/2
Packaging – ****
Sculpting – ***1/2
Paint – ****
Articulation – ***
Outfit – ***1/2
Accessories – ***1/2
Fun Factor – ***
Value – **1/2
So on with the review:

packaging – ****
As expected from Hot Toys, the package looks nice. The box is heavy, and feel good in hand. The design had a good contrast between dark gray and bright red. The red had a royal feel to it, which is fitting for the prince of Asgard. Inside the box you’ll find the figure concealed behind a flap. Carefully packed in a plastic tray with all the accessories. In the top side of the box, in a bright red interior is Thor’s cape packaged in a plastic tray.
Thor can be easily removed.  The figure has his hands, head and feet wrapped with small plastic bags and are easy to remove.
When taking the figure out, You’ll easily get distracted to ‘play’ with the figure and forget to take out the rest of the
accessories. Which is a shame, because tucked under the display, you’ll find the instructions. Read these instructions first before as they are vital for the survival of your figure.
However, the instructions are small, only show how to swap the hair for the helmet, and the usual warning on turning the head. I did miss something about attaching the cape.
Sculpting – ***1/2
The depiction of  Chris Helmsworth is spot on as Thor. I have seen better sculpts coming from Hot Toys, but this is still realistic.
There are two swappable hair pieces. One sculpted for the helmet on, one for without the helmet
There’s a little seam where the hair pieces join the rest of the head, however I’m not to distracted by that. And while wearing the helm, which i prefer, it’s completely hidden.
The double layered hair is finely detailed, and has a soft feel to it.
Unfortunately due the  long neck, the hair seems a bit short, while it’s about the right length.
I feel the sculpted hands has some long fingers, but they work really well with the rest of the accessories.
All in all it’s a realistic sculpt that’s easily recognizable as the actor. but a few minor nitpicks costs half a point.

Paint – ****
Again and again Hot Toys production paint is outstanding, with no exception on this figure.
I  am most impressed with the facial hail and hair line. The skin tone complements the sculpted and is extremely realistic. The intrusive eyes really brings this figure alive. His eyes are kind of rolling to the top and gives him a serious look.



Articulation – ***
Because of the armored outfit, the articulation’s a bit limited.
A large amount of poses is achievable and despite how tight the shoulders, elbow and wrists are, at some poses his arm tends to slowly drop down while having his hammer in hand.
The chest and waist have almost non-movement due to the restriction by armor plate.
The tight leather-like pants prevents any deep poses.
It’s all forgivable due to the awesome outfit and Thor being more of a power warrior than a athletic one, I have an issue Thor cannot raise his arms above his head. This mostly due to the shoulder plates of his armor. I feel that a solution could have been made here. This because of what I said above. Thor’s a power warrior. He should make a great swing with his hammer, or raise it high to summon the thunder.
Another issue i have is more of mechanical nature. His left angle is loose. Thor cannot stand without support. Or you’ll have endure some patience on turning the foot in just the right way to maintain poses.

Outfit – ***1/2
The outfit consists of the chainmail-like tunic, over it the armor torso-plate, armored gauntlets and shin guards and boots, helm and cape.
His boots are actually separated at the ankles, with the hinge camouflaged by the upper part of the boot to allow more posability in the ankle.
The sculpting on the armor is terrific, seemingly comprised with different materials, the detailing is amazing. The red cloth lining on the gauntlets are little touches but makes the world in realism and shows how much attention to detail there is.
I really like the chainmail-like tunic. Although I would have liked a real chainmail, it also wasn’t in the movie. I like the checkers style and the way it folds.
The fitting of the costume is as perfect as it gets as it falls and looks in a very realistic and natural way.
At first I was a bit disappointed the helm was plastic, now I’m quite pleased. Especially the wings, which are made with a slightly softer material and does not likely to break. They are not as soft you can fold them. The helm is very light and fits nicely over the thin hair piece, which was
designed for it. I think Thor’s helm is the highlight of the costume. It’s bright, shiny and it looks like real metal.
Another finishing touch on the costume is the broad bright red cape. The cape is surprisingly light for it’s thickness. Once attached to the costume, the figure looks naked without cape.
The cape is layered, folded and sewed in a manner is flows from the shoulders and hangs stylish off his back, giving Thor an impressive and royal look.
The cape has a rounded piece inserted in the top, curved to fit over the shoulders and plastic tabs are intended to fit into the slots of the armor. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work quite as i think it should, the cape tends to fall out a bit too easily.
Accessories – ***1/2

This figure doesn’t have  many accessories.
Of course, there’s his Hammer, Mjölner. It has about the same size as depicted in the movie.
Although it seems a bit small at first sight, it actually just the right size not to over do it.
The hammer has some awesome rune details.
Mjölner is made from actual die cast metal, and has an actual weight to it. At some poses the arm cannot sustain the weight and slowly wilts.

Along with the hammer, there’s a rock mount wherein the hammer can be buried in. The fit is  tight and it looks mighty awesome once in place.
There are four extra hands. By default, Thor has fists, then there’s a set of stretched hands and hands to hold the hammer. The hammer-holding hands are different in style, with the right hand having a more tight grip to hold the hammer upright and the left hand having a more loose grip for a relaxed or throwing pose.
There are a couple of wrist pegs included just in case one breaks. The hands do swap easily enough though,
Like I mentioned in the sculpting section, there are two hairpieces. A normal hair sculpt and a sleeky one. The hairpieces are being held in place with a magnet, and is situated just behind the front hairline.
Like I said earlier this leaves a small gap in the hair. But I don’t find this a big deal.
The first hair is designed for posing without the helm. Actually it’s would fit anyway. The second, sleek hairpiece
is designed just for that. This piece allows the helmet to fit properly and still have some hair on his back coming out underneath it. You have to use this hairpiece if you want to pose Thor with helm. I don’t suggest giving Thor this hairpiece while posing without his helm.
Then there’s the usual black display stand, a standard add-in for those that have used them consistently in their display. With Thor unfortunately I have to use to stand to have extra insurance he doesn’t fall because of his weak ankle.
€165 is about the average price for a Hot Toys release. Considering he’s a licensed movie figure and he has a complex costume I think it’s a reasonable price. **1/2 stars is an average value.
Fun Factor

This figure is by no way a kid’s toy? Definitely not at €163. However a very sturdy figure, there’s no small pieces to lose, no brittle pieces to break . It cannot endure the wild play kids can do to toys.
Hot Toys produces 1/6th action figures with the level of quality and details that resembles more to art.
To shine for display in any pose you like.
A few minor issues deprives him of a perfect score. Most annoying issue has to be the weak ankle.
But other than that I am very enthusiastic about this figure. It’s lifelike, it’s movie accurate, it’s Thor, son of Odin, Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder and Avenger. Now I already get a sense what its like to see him next to Iron Man in the Avengers next year.
Where to buy
Sideshow has Thor on backorder now at the RRP of $169,99.
I pre-orderd at HammersCollectibles for €163,50 without shipping costs.
It seems they’re all sold out here.
Gator – still on pre-order for €165
Collectiblezity – still on pre-order for €165
Acmetrendz – still on pre-order for €159,90
Moviestore had Thor for €179, but doesn’t have any in stock now.
Kadoshop Ton Swart – expected in stock june 30th, for €169.

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