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A year ago I discovered the power or the sixth scale of 12″ figures.

After seeing Machiko, the She-Predator from Hot Toys. I fell in love and thus she became the first 12″ figure in my collection. I was in astonished about the details en articulation of the this figure. The sculpt was unprecedented. But then again, these figures aren’t cheap.
Curious to see how the 1/6 scale figures hold up in the Star Wars franchise I bought my second 12″figure: Sideshow’s Stormtrooper.  Stormtroopers always where one of my favorite characters in Star Wars, so I was playing safe.
I got to know a little more about the world of the 12″ figures. About the different companies, qualities and prices. Also my first 12″ superhero, Iron Man Mark III, was a fact.

The reason She-Predator, Stormtrooper and Iron Man worked for me as a 12″figure was because they both had armor, no clothes, no fabric. I always thought real fabric  made these large figures look cheap, silly and outright fake. My preconceptions where from my  view of the action-man and barbie toys from yesteryear.
Boy, was I wrong. Along come the 12″ figure of Wolverine from Hottoys. By then I knew Hottoys was one of the best companies to produce these figures. In terms of sculpt, detail and quality. They also were heavy on the price. Nevertheless I was struck by Wolverine’s first promo photo’s. He had real clothes, real fabric, and yet it look great, realistic. Hugh Hackman’s  sculpt was spot one.

I had made a new collecting rule for myself: “Just buy stuff that’s cool! whatever the franchise.” I did that with the She-Predator. And now, Wolverine even fall’s within a franchise I love: Superheroes.
Wolverine didn’t disappointing me.
At this time some 12″ Star Wars figures had filling up my showcase. Leia as Boussh was among the first. Quickly added by Obi Wan Kenobi – Episode IV, Luke Skywalker; Jedi Knight, Jabba the Hutt and creatures and, my favorite, Darth Vader -Episode IV.
Not just buying sixth scale figures for because it was Star Wars. I was aiming for the icons of the films.
I just love Jabba. It’s so huge. So massive. I wanted to Make his throne complete. And it’s a real challenge to find the throne. I soon realized I deviated from my course. As much I love Jabba, his creatures, Luke and Leia as Boushh, they had to go. Space-wise (Jabba is really, really big) and focus-wise.
I realized I completed my Star Wars 12″ collection with just Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader and two stormtroopers. Standing nicely in a corner.
Also because  Hottoys maybe will get the 12″ Star Wars license from LucasFilm, so I’ll wait until they produce Star Wars. For now, I am only sure R2-D2 and C-3PO make it into my 12″ collection when Sideshow or Hottoys produces them.

So my focus is now 1/6 scale superheroes. My timing couldn’t be better. Already in pre-order are Iron Man Mark VI, coming this April, Spider-man, Thor and Iron Man Mark V. News already have been surfaced about a 12″ Captain America and Iron Monger. This is only the tip of the iceberg if Hottoys wil produce figures from the assembled superhero  movie The Avengers, coming in 2012.

As soon I’ll get my hands on Iron Man Mark VI, you’ll be the first to know and I’ll treat you with my first 12″ preview. So keep checking this category!

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