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I am a big fan of LEGO and al the astonishing stuff made from it’s bricks. While not a really big fan of cars, I thought this was spectacular: A life size Ford Explorer Made from Over 382,000 Bricks!

Though if I was going to make a gigantic life size replica of a Ford vehicle, it wouldn’t be the Explorer. I would opt for muscle cat like the Mustang or maybe the Ford GT.
This project originated for a promotion for the new Explorer, sponsored by Ford, off-course.
Ford wants people to buy the new Explorer and since it’s a family car, a LEGO version at Legoland is a nice way to reach the parental units.

This full-size LEGO reproduction used 382,858 bricks and will be on exhibition at Legoland Florida theme park. It took 22 Legoland workers 2,500 hours to build the Explorer.
The completed LEGO SUV weighs in at 2,654 pounds, almost half the weight of the 4,503-pound real deal. Check out the real thing being built in this time-lapse video.
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