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I’ve been following Blockaderunner and his fantastic photo’s of Lego models for some time now.
This time he amazed me with a astonishing Lego MOC of the Rebel Nebulon-B frigate as seen at the end of The Empire Strikes back. Not only that, he also captured it perfectly on photo.

As far as I can see, it’s in the same scale at the Millenium Falcon from the 7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar
These photo’s would inspire me to leave Lego mini-size behind me and go all out fot micro-size.
The Nebulon-B frigate is one of my favorite Star Wars starships. I am amazed how Blockaderunner packed this ship so full with details at this scale. Very nicely done, very nicely done indeed!

Dave aka F2 astonished us with his amazingly build Docking bay 327, The Deathstar hangar from Star Wars.
Build as a ‘home’ for his UCS 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s at UCS scale and it’s massive.

This build is not only huge enough to hold the 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s also packed with staggering details.

Dave aka F2
also integrated about 67 LED lights to make it glow at nicely dark times.

Now for the juicy details:
The size of the hangar is 90cm x 100cm. That’s four 16×32 LEGO base plates and six 48×48 base plates. The height is at 36,5cm.
He used about 10,500 used bricks, worldwide ordered via Bricklink
55 white 10,000mcd, 10 red 8,000 MCD and SMD LEDs, and 2 white SMD LED
Total costs about € 1,000

Check out more photo’s and background details about this astonishing  MOC at Dave aka F2′s Moc Pages


I absolutly love the late and far to short-lived Firefly series, so this MOC of the iconic ship “Serenity” from Firefly immediately got my attention.

It’s a gorgeous rendering in Lego. flickr user tbone_tbl shows his love for the ship and his attention for details and Inara’s Shuttle. Check out his photostream!

ArzLan created an awesome scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade featuring Al Khazneh, one of the most elaborate buildings in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra.

ArzLan’s creation made him a finalist along with 11 others in a Hong Kong contest to depict film scenes in Lego.

However stunning the other creations are, and certainly worth checking out, the Al Khaznah creation is smart, beautiful and simply astonishing.

Also, check out his flickr page.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the crew of Dutch Moonbase did it once again. They where asked to help in building new MOC’s for the Star Wars Event in june 2011 in Legoland Germany.

Marco Baas (Legopapa) build this enormous and astonishing detailed Death Star Trench.
The build started as a joke, Marco states. Last year at Legoworld in Zwolle (The Netherlands) he was challenged by fellow Dutch Moonbase crew to build a 10 meter long trench from Star Wars: A New Hope.
He accepted… (glad he did, otherwise we couldn’t marvel at these images)

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The crew of Dutch Moonbase did it again. My fellow Dutchmen where asked to help in building new MOC’s for the Star Wars Event in june 2011 in Legoland Germany. Boy did they deliver…

Check their astonishing and huge Tatooine diorama below:

The large diorama of Tatooine was build by Mike van Leeuwen (Sky4walker). It took him 4 months of hardcore building when he ended up with a 7 x 1.8 meter layout.

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Eurobricks MOC Expert Marshal Banana has finally finished his epic UCS-scaled Sandcrawler. I must say this is a feat that dwafs every previous Star Wars MOC in pure awesomeness and in spectaculair details. It also completely dwarfs LEGO’s modular buildings as a comparisment. It’s not really this size that counts. The lights really finishes the job

Featuring lights, motors, and over 10,000 LEGO elements, Marshal Banana shows off the fruits of his 9 months worth of labor. It’s massive. It’s incredible.

It’s 96 cm long, 100.5 cm long.
Powered radio-controlled Functions:
- driving: forward reverse
- stearing
- main ramp: up and down
- crane: up and down, in and out
- conveyer band: forward and reverse

I would like to see is next to TLG’s official Sandcrawler (10144) which is relativily big, but looks tiny now…
See  more info in Marshal Banana’s photoset.

The Force is strong with Jay Hoff as he delivered no small feat. He made his spectacular Star Wars diorama from 30,000 bricks and 388 minifigures.
The shuttle looks like it’s Lego’s UCS 10212 set. Which puts Jay’s MOC into prespective how huge the diorama is.

Ever since I got mine UCS Imperial Shuttle set I’ve wanted to do something similar like this. I even haven’t build the set yet… Besides the time invested to build a MOC like this, it also takes “a horrific amount of money!!” like Jay says.

This is one of the most mindblowing MOC I’ve seen and it’s…