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Second full-length trailer for Joe Johnston & Marvel’s comic book adaptation Captain America: The First Avenger is now online. Offering more new footage and Cap in action.
It’s just a really fun trailer to watch. I hope the same for the move. We’ll see on july 28…
YouTube Preview Image

This summer, Marvel Studios will be launching a highly anticipated superhero blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger movie!

In line with the highly succesful releases of Iron Man and Thor, here comes the collectible of the next superhero Captain America, who is also one of the Avengers!

Hot Toys made the announcement already in december 2010, but now we got a sneak peak at the actual figure.
I expect the first promotion images very soon. So be ready to catch the shield from the red-white-blue Avenger before movie launches!

Just for the fun of it I cracked op the brightness and contrast a bit to see what’s behind the black parts.

Prepare for an astonishing figere! believes everything looks better in Lego.
This is known!
They featured 10 some pretty astonishing Lego themed posters for many of this year’s highly anticipated movies, including Thor, X-men first Class, Green Lantern, Captain America: TFA, and more.

The Posters created for NextMovie by Old Red Jalopy.

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