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Due to a very non user friendly way on the s@h ordering, I missed my chance to get the Shadow ARF Trooper.

During check-out, I missed (or it wasn’t there) the checkbox if you want the ARF Trooper. So I ordered without applying the checkbox. I see this as a big fail on Lego’s part. They’ve should placed the checkbox between the order list en confirmation button and they’ve should have made a validation upon confirming your order.
Lego Helpdesk was again very supportive and helpfull, kudo’s for that, and were looking for a way to send the figure separately. But alas, at the end of today the Lego Helpdesk calls me back with the bad news that all the Minifigs are gone, and they legally couldn’t send the minifig afterward. They offered to compensate with a Lego keychain for the trouble. But i’ll pass, I’ll send my order back and will ask for a refund.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one having problems with this promotion. From what I’ve gathered the Helpdesk had its hands full with this promotion.
It’s a shame it had to go this way. I work in the interaction design business, so i really bothers me even I overlooked the checkbox for the Shadow ARF Trooper. And I am pretty pissed, because the sole reason for my order was the minifig.
Even-though Lego helpdesk is friendly, supportive and helpfull as allways, i’ll make a formal complaint.

The Force was not with me on this one.

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