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Can’t wait to own the Lego 10225 R2-D2 poster?

Download at my Flickrpage the hi-res version.

To celebrate the unofficial Star Wars Day on may the 4th, Lego has some  fantastic LEGO Star Wars goodies for you plus free delivery when you spend € 55 or more on Lego Star Wars at at  may the 4th and 5th.
Get free delivery, a free exclusive TC-14 minifigure, an exclusive R2-D2 poster and mini Tie Fighter.

You can qualify for these offers and also earn an instant VIP Reward when you purchase the brand new R2-D2™ Exclusive, released may the first.
May the 4th be with you…
and happy building!

As a follow up to the previous post. It’s now official; LEGO has just officially announced the newest addition from the Ultimate Collector Series, everyone’s favorite astromech droid R2-D2. Artoo comes out next May. It will cost you 180 USD or probably 180 EUR.
You’ll get 2,127 parts for that kind of money.
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I’ve just learned the much anticipated  UCS R2-D2 has been revealed on YouTube too early.
The video is now set on ‘private’. But for those, like me who couldn’t wait, Brickfanatics have added a low quality version of  the video in their own channel just in case Lego decide to pull it as they indeed did.

This build is 31 com high and 18 wide and has amazing details.
2D is set to be released in may, but the pricing is yet to be announced.
This set is very beautiful and surely one of the best official Star Wars sets.
But unfortunately I don’t think it will fit within my collections.
I’d have to think about it, because, hey, it’s R2!

Check out the video with the designers:
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Last Saterday Legandary Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie has died at age 82.
Ralph McQuarrie’s amazing illustrator work shaped many of the classic characters, starships and alien landscapes we all know and love, and most importantly, remember.

Whether it’s Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or the many other classic films he was a part of, it is fascinating to see the origins of the iconic imagery we’re used to watching.
McQuarrie started as a technical illustrator a Boeing. He was asked to make designs for Raiders of the Lost Ark Read story

Dutch toy shop and Brickset  both broke the news with a glimpse of Lego’s Ultimate Collector Series and S@H Exclusives for 2012.

Both above mentioned websites already taken down the  information. I feel damaged is already done and with the speed information travels these days, What’s the point of trying to take this down.
Besides, what’s wrong with us already getting excited for the new sets.

So here’s the list of Lego’s UCS and S@H Exclusives for 2012:

10223 Kingdoms Joust
10224 Town Hall
10225 R2-D2

10226 Sopwith Camel
10227 B-Wing

I’m most looking forward to the UCS R2-D2.
Of course I’m curious about the B-wing. But thus far I don’t have any UCS X-wing, Y-Wing or Tie Fighter to complement the collection.

Lego and Star Wars are my favorite hobbies. So what better when Lego came with a Star Wars theme?
I didn’t immediately jump on the wagon, but rediscovered it a few years back.
Now it’s really getting out of hand and space is rapidly shrinking to house all those bricks.
Unfortunately Lego keeps coming up  with great sets. I’ll give you a run down of the releases for the second half of 2011 at the end of this post.
I want to bring you the latest news about all things concerning Star Wars Lego and Lego in general. So I’ll also talk about the occasionally other franchises or other cool Lego stuff.
My main reason is to give my two cents about new (or old) Lego sets by reviewing them and to give Dutch Read story