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Ever since I started collecting sixth scale movie superhero figures I wanted Spider-man in my collection. I love Sam Raimi’s interpretation of Spider-man for the big screen. It’s very close to the comic version and full of detail. It doesn’t seem a regular guy could sew the suit by himself like the upcoming Marc Webs Spider-man costume looks like. But Raimi’s Spider-man is just cool!

I was eying on the 12″ Medicom Real Action Heroes Spider-man from the Raimi movies before Hot Toys announced they where releasing Spider-man from the Spider-man 3 movie. I was excited to hear of the prospect.
Though, when Hot Toys made the announcement, the reactions on the Internet to the 12″ Spider-man  where mixed to sat the least. Read story

Announced just a few weeks back, the Lego Star Wars TV special The Padawan Menace has aired last July 22 on The Cartoon Network in the US.
The Cartoon Network has showed a number of funny Star Wars TV shows in the past few years. Three Family Guy parodies and three Robot Chicken specials were a good laugh with some good self-deprecating concerning all thing Star Wars.
The Padawan Menace is their first Lego Star Wars show.
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Lego already produced a fair number of Star Wars adventures,  however they break from their style of the Star Wars video games and short animations by having the characters talk rather than just use gestures and non-word vocalizations.
I totally support this decision as it would be unilateral to keep it up for longer than 10 minutes.

The Lego Star Wars TV special is more than just a gag reel of jokes like the before mentioned Family Guy and Robot Chicken, it also tells a new adventure that builds on both the classic and prequel trilogies.
The Padawan Menace in two words, stolen from one of the younglings: “Toooootaaaaally Aaaaaweeeeeesooooome!”

A 5 out of 5 star rating! So check out below why.

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A bit over due, but here’s my review of the latest Marvel Studio’s movie.
Captain America is the closing act for this years superhero movies. Did it close as well as it started with Thor?

I must say the movie absolutely delivered. Anyone who knows anything about Captain America will just about know how this story goes. A few thing updated or worked around a bit, but never in a negative way. A ‘period’ film with a superhero is full of dangers to be to campy. Luckily director Joe Johnston nails the era and gives us a totally convincing super soldier from the ’40′s.

My rating I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 star!
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Hot Toys’ first in the line of the new Marvel Studio’s movie Thor.
Other than Thor himself and Odin, Hot Toys made no further announcements for other figures in the line. It’s getting tough to find Thor, so if you see him somewhere, I suggest buy him and you won’t be disappointed.
As for Thor’s dad, Odin the All father, is still widely available. However cool that figures is, I didn’t pre-order him. Money is a factor but also the focus of my collection. Loki I would buy. Or Lady Sif and maybe the warriors Three. But alas, we have to do with farther and son.

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Here we are with the latest incarnation of the Iron Man armor, the mark VI. I know for some people the never-ending releases of Hot Toys Iron Man merchandise are starting to be an overkill, while for others each new suit brings them one step closer for a ultimate complete line up of iron man armor. The Mark V will be upon us before the end of this year, so the complete set from movies 1 + 2 will be achievable. Read story

I just saw one of the most highly anticipated CBM this year, THOR.
Is THOR worthy of the hype and the overall positive reviews the movie gets? I can heartworthy say “YES”! THOR is wonderfully done. A true tale to astonish.

It’s a though movie to deliver. Big parts of the story happens within other ‘dimensions’ or “realms” as they would call it. It’s difficult to make this concept believable with constant moving from one realm to another.

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