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Can’t wait to own the Lego 10225 R2-D2 poster?

Download at my Flickrpage the hi-res version.

As a follow up to the previous post. It’s now official; LEGO has just officially announced the newest addition from the Ultimate Collector Series, everyone’s favorite astromech droid R2-D2. Artoo comes out next May. It will cost you 180 USD or probably 180 EUR.
You’ll get 2,127 parts for that kind of money.
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I’ve just learned the much anticipated  UCS R2-D2 has been revealed on YouTube too early.
The video is now set on ‘private’. But for those, like me who couldn’t wait, Brickfanatics have added a low quality version of  the video in their own channel just in case Lego decide to pull it as they indeed did.

This build is 31 com high and 18 wide and has amazing details.
2D is set to be released in may, but the pricing is yet to be announced.
This set is very beautiful and surely one of the best official Star Wars sets.
But unfortunately I don’t think it will fit within my collections.
I’d have to think about it, because, hey, it’s R2!

Check out the video with the designers:
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Last Saterday Legandary Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie has died at age 82.
Ralph McQuarrie’s amazing illustrator work shaped many of the classic characters, starships and alien landscapes we all know and love, and most importantly, remember.

Whether it’s Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or the many other classic films he was a part of, it is fascinating to see the origins of the iconic imagery we’re used to watching.
McQuarrie started as a technical illustrator a Boeing. He was asked to make designs for Raiders of the Lost Ark Read story

I’ve been following Blockaderunner and his fantastic photo’s of Lego models for some time now.
This time he amazed me with a astonishing Lego MOC of the Rebel Nebulon-B frigate as seen at the end of The Empire Strikes back. Not only that, he also captured it perfectly on photo.

As far as I can see, it’s in the same scale at the Millenium Falcon from the 7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar
These photo’s would inspire me to leave Lego mini-size behind me and go all out fot micro-size.
The Nebulon-B frigate is one of my favorite Star Wars starships. I am amazed how Blockaderunner packed this ship so full with details at this scale. Very nicely done, very nicely done indeed!

The first  Lego board game 3866 Battle Of Hoth just arrived.
I am a sucker for board games and have tried a few Lego one with lots of fun. So when I saw this Star Wars game at the shelves I couldn’t wait to get me one. Just look at this cute little microfigs. Unfortunately my patience will be tested. I’ll get this one at a later date. First up are some new 12″ figures from Hot Toys coming up.
Just for your information:
I’ve found the dutch version, “Star Wars De Slag om Hoth” at ToysXL, Bart SMit and Intertoys for € 36,99 and at Tanstoys for € 25,75

A while ago, posted Hi-res images of the new 2012 Star Wars Planets sets.
These small sets are featuring a mini scale vehicle, a minifigure and two half spheres that make up a planet.

I’ll probably buy them and can already think of some uses for the planets.
Click on the images below to see clear shots of each set and at different views.


It’s not al big MOCs I’m falling for.

I always liked TLC’s official X-wing (6212) and I am buying the new one (9493) coming out in 2012.
But there was always that feeling of that it could be better.

Enter Mike Psiaki. He made it better, far better! As in almost astonishing perfect iteration of the X-Wing Starfighter. I absolutely love this new X-wing MOC. It’s impressively accurate in size and proportion.
Psiaki’s MOC is full detail, from back to front. I love the landing gear.
But the thing I am most astonished about is the long wedge shape of the nose and the complexity of the build. I would love to have a hint how he tackled that complex shape…
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Dave aka F2 astonished us with his amazingly build Docking bay 327, The Deathstar hangar from Star Wars.
Build as a ‘home’ for his UCS 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s at UCS scale and it’s massive.

This build is not only huge enough to hold the 10179 Millennium Falcon, it’s also packed with staggering details.

Dave aka F2
also integrated about 67 LED lights to make it glow at nicely dark times.

Now for the juicy details:
The size of the hangar is 90cm x 100cm. That’s four 16×32 LEGO base plates and six 48×48 base plates. The height is at 36,5cm.
He used about 10,500 used bricks, worldwide ordered via Bricklink
55 white 10,000mcd, 10 red 8,000 MCD and SMD LEDs, and 2 white SMD LED
Total costs about € 1,000

Check out more photo’s and background details about this astonishing  MOC at Dave aka F2′s Moc Pages


We just set our clocks to wintertime, it gets darker at a much earlier hour than before. I get home from my work, only to find that it is almost pitch black before I even make it in the door.
It’s time I’ll get one of those little flashlights on my keychain. What better to combine it with two of my favorite things: LEGO and Star Wars: LEGO Darth Vader Key Ring Mini Torch.
The figure is the same size as what you would find in an actual LEGO set, so you know it won’t take up too much space. Each of the feet contains a single LED light, which should be enough to see the lock as you try to insert your key.